Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 2nd Photos

See that sun? That sun is not that same sun that shines in Arizona. That sun has absolutely ZERO degrees of heat! Actually, it has -28 degrees of heat!

I hate that about the sun here. Looks like a nice day, sun is shining, sky is blue, walk outside...CAN'T FEEL ANYTHING! SNOT IS FROZEN! I told Kory yesterday I think hell might really be cold, not hot.

To make me happier on such a cold, sunny day we got Panda for dinner. (Note the plastic fork!!)

Then we went to Lowe's for the 3rd time in 1 week. (I don't even mind going to Lowe's because they play good music in that store!) Just finishing up some projects around the house.


Amy said...

i'm glad your like for a store is based on the music they play. hahaha.
see you tomorrow!!!

Angie Milne said...

COLD! seriously, I don't know how you can handle it! it's 30 degrees here now, and I know I'm staying inside... LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair! it's longer than I've ever seen it! and so healthy! you're beautiful!