Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Confession .8.

When I get take out from Panda Express I always grab a plastic fork.

Panda seriously tastes different if you eat it with a "real" fork.


Dave and Riss said...

ha ha I totally think that too!! I ALWAYS get the plastic fork. One time I forgot and I got home and practically didn't even want to eat it anymore.

Elizabeth said...

I love all your confessions! And I agree with this one... it does taste different, and I prefer the plastic fork.

And thanks for your advice on my blog! We should get together sometime since we're not THAT far away.

Lachelle Merrill said...

I totally agree 100% with the plastic fork thing!! I sometimes prefer plastic utenstils (less washing ;)

Chase and Amy said...

Couldn't agree more! Same with ice cream or frozen yogurt... gotta have the plastic spoon!!