Sunday, March 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. If I could live anywhere, it would be Boston.
2. My favorite color is silver.
3. I wanted to visit France for a long time, but then I went and I think it is over-rated. It is not somewhere I am dying to go back to; been there, seen it.
4. I have a HUGE phobia of fish! They freak me out! I refuse to go snorkeling/scuba diving. I will get in the ocean, but I will not go looking for those gross things! However, I actually love fishing! I learned this summer and it was fun. If I catch a fish though, I will NOT be the one getting it off my line.
5. I like doing the dishes and vacuuming, they are stress relievers for me. I hate cleaning toilets.
6. Once my car window was shattered by a golf ball...true story!
7. I really want to learn how to mountain bike.
8. I love that I am left handed, cause (I’m weird) I don’t like wearing a ring and bracelet on the same hand. So my wedding ring is on my left hand and I can wear all my bracelets/watches on my right hand. It’s perfect! Does anyone wear bracelets on the hand they write with?
9. My car has a problem right now, whenever I turn the headlights on my left blinker stays on too…both outside and inside the car?!? It’s annoying.
10. I wish it were more acceptable to wear t-shirts and sweats everywhere, all the time.
11. I love fireworks and think more holidays should be celebrated with them!
12. Daylight savings time is so cool! In Arizona we never change times, so when I moved to college I experienced it for the first time. If you didn’t know, the time actually changes at 2 a.m. not midnight like you might think.
13. I have like 200 favorite quotes. I went through this phase when I collected/wrote them all down. If you ever need a good quote, I might be able to help ya out.
14. My favorite book, to this day, is still Ella Enchanted. The movie is ridiculously horrible.
15. I got engaged in a mall parking lot, in a car cause it was in August in Arizona…way too hot to get out. But don’t worry, he still got on one knee!
16. I don’t know how I ever lived without DVR. It’s horrible but I am now addicted to more shows than ever (Grey’s Anatomy, 24, American Idol, The Office, America’s Next Top Model…really the list does go on).
17. I usually only take medicine if it is a prescription, I hardly ever just take an Ibuprofen when I have a headache or something.
18. I think Kory and me have been to Bajio every week since we’ve been married. (I always order the same thing!) When you live in Idaho Falls choices are limited. I crave PF Changs!
19. I am strangely protective of my car. The first time I let Kory drive it, it was actually a very big deal!
20. I’m an advertising major and my favorite commercials have been done by the NBA (Where “Amazing” Happens and the ones where they put the two players faces together).
21. Every time I fly I really fear that my luggage will be lost. I always take a large carry-on and pack as much as I possibly can in there.
22. I have never been a super competitive person but I absolutely HATE losing to Kory (and he rarely loses).
23. I felt my life was more complete after going to the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert. Faith Hill has always been my favorite!
24. I shut and lock the bathroom door…even when I’m home alone.
25. I used to be terrified of filling my car up with gas. I was honestly afraid that it might blow up!

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Stu and Angie Milne said...

i'm glad you added number 25! i think of you every time i fill up the car!