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True Love Stories Don't Have Endings

I went home to Mesa and was away from Kory for 5 weeks last summer. During that time I sent Kory these letters that document our "dating months."

Already we have had the conversation, "remember our first this or that..." I wanted to get it all recorded so in the future we can keep all the details straight ;)

In MY words, to Kory...

The First Time We Met

You were hanging out with Monica and Becca …go figure! I was lucky enough to be invited over to Monica’s for deep-fried bananas and you were there. I honestly don’t even recall exactly what I thought of you the first time we met; I just thought your roommate was cuter! (We don’t really need to mention his name now cause it is so beside the point.) But you talked to Archie most of the night…not me. Just goes to show you weren’t that interested from the first “meeting” either! But you did steal my phone and take a picture of yourself with it, so I guess you at least wanted me to remember you!

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet you and that I have the opportunity to be with you forever. I remember talking to the bishop one night about “us” and he told me that it was no coincidence that I decided to stay in Idaho and that we were now together. I know that it isn’t a coincidence. I look at guys that I liked before I met you and realize that it would never work out with any of them. You are perfect for me!

The Week/end I Realized I Liked You

It was April General Conference Weekend 2008. You and the other guys made breakfast before the Saturday morning session. Blue pancakes, shaped like snowmen I think it was?!? So creative! You were wearing your glasses and your blue pajama pants. I think you’re cute in your glasses!

After the morning session some of us decided to go play tennis. Bronson came…cause at the time I think we were like almost dating?!? It definitely started SNOWING while we were playing, but pretty sure I still won!! Then I bought you all ice cream to make you feel better about losing!
Sunday after conference you guys cooked for us again! (How did I get so lucky to date someone that likes to cook!) Your salsa was delicious…better than mine! After dinner we played ‘Rook’ and you were never called to be on the team of the winning “better.” I don’t know why, but this was a big deal to you…poor you!

You didn’t really even flirt with me that weekend…or did you? Regardless, I started crushin’ on you! I’m not sure who you got my number from, but the Tuesday after Conference you sent me a text, I did a little dance and we made BLT’s together!

Our First Unofficial Date

I didn’t even know it was going to be a date…it was really just a group thing, but since you paid for me I guess it was a date?!?
You were wearing a green shirt…you look so good in green! It brings out your GREEN eyes! We drove down to Idaho Falls to see the movie ’21.’ Liz and I were texting in the car on the way down. She was saying all sorts of nonsense, like I should lean over and just plant a big wet one right on your face. She promised her and Archi would look away. She was also insisting that you were a “leaner” and that you were “leaning towards me hardcore!” Gotta love Liz!

Before the movie started Liz and I went to the bathroom and I was telling her that I thought you were going to hold my hand that night, but I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to hold your hand. So the whole movie I just played hard to get, not giving in and letting you hold my hand right away…HAHAHA

Alright, so that’s not exactly how it went down. I told Liz I thought you were going to hold my hand and I was excited. So I waited and waited through almost the entire movie! FOR THE FREAKIN’ LOVE, you were being a major punk!!! Why I even gave in as soon as you finally decided to hold my hand I don’t know? But I did, cause I’m so nice to you! Later you tell me that you totally made me wait on purpose, that you weren’t sure if you really wanted to hold my hand for the entire movie…yeah cause that would have been just so horrible!

I left the next morning having no idea what you were thinking and it pretty much drove me crazy that entire week I was at home. You are not a texter, so I was getting barely anything there and I was scared to call you cause I just didn’t know if you would think I was crazy for doing that or what! Ahhh! If you only knew how much thinking you caused me! I even talked to Archie and he gave me no information!

But I guess I should have just relaxed because look how great everything worked out! I didn’t know at the time that you would be the last guy I would ever hold hands with! Good thing, even though I have such small hands, our hands fit together perfectly!

Passing the 3 “Kory Tests”

(Kory came up with 3 "tests" that he puts the girls he dates through. If they don't pass...I guess they're done!) I think I might have had an unfair advantage when being put to the test…cause I already knew what was happening. But if it makes you feel any better, I’m fairly sure that I would have passed all the tests even if you hadn’t told me about them beforehand!

The “Steak Test” (Kory takes the girl to a steakhouse and they MUST order a steak; "just a salad" is out of the question!) – You took me to Stockman’s. I’m glad I was hungry that night or it would have been over between us! I ordered a peppercorn, garlic STEAK with mashed potatoes (thank you for not making me get fries). I know how important steak is to you! I know it is unacceptable to get just a salad at a steakhouse. I know that a steak needs A-1 sauce and mushrooms to be complete! I know that chicken is a “chick steak” and you will never order it at a steakhouse.

The “Make Her do Something New or Something She Doesn’t Really Like Test” (Kory takes a girl to do something new that he really likes to do or something he knows she doesn't really like to do. The girl must have a good attitude, she can't say, "Oh, I'll just watch...") – This is kind of just mean. I have done so many new things and things I don’t really like with you, I don’t know which one counted as passing the test?!? Just to name a few…
-Playing softball
-‘Wicked’ (roller coaster at Lagoon)
-Tasting ketchup and mushrooms

The “Swimsuit Test” (Kind of self-explanatory, Kory wants to see his chica in a swimsuit before he knows for SURE whether it will work out for good between them.) – You waited a long time to test this one! Were you afraid I might fail? I don’t think it was until just a few weeks ago when we went out on Dennis’ boat that you saw me in a swimsuit for the first time. But I guess I must have passed cause we’re still together!

The Engagement

You came to visit me in Mesa for a week during the 7 week break. I was pretty sure you might have had “the ring” with you. I was so anxious to get it, cause we pretty much had already decided that we were going to get married and I just wanted to tell everyone!
You got there on a Monday. I told you to talk to my dad pretty much everyday after you got there!

I don’t remember what day it was, but you eventually told me that you DID have the ring with you…and that it had RUBIES on it. You tried to convince me that the jeweler told you rubies were totally the new thing. I was a little skeptical about the whole thing, but I had no reason not to believe you, but I was kinda freaking out. I had a horrible dream about this huge, ugly, RUBY ring!

I was a punk, bothering you ALL week long, “When are you gonna talk to my dad…Can you please talk to my dad…?!?” I apologize for bothering you so much that by the end of the week I gave you a pounding headache.

On Friday morning you asked my dad if you could marry me. He talked to you for a LONG time! I’m surprised he didn’t scare you away!

Since I knew that you had talked to my dad I was even more ready for you to just propose already!! We had already planned to go to Bass Pro Shop and then the mall that day. Bass Pro Shop is totally you and I was a little bit surprised when you didn’t ask me there. But you waited until we had parked in the Chandler Mall parking lot, in front of Nordstrom’s. Then you told me that you had something to give me and got on one knee! You pulled out the ring box and inside was a dinky little ring…with “rubies” that I’m pretty sure you got out of a 25-cent toy dispenser. You and your sister had wanted to pull the, “I couldn’t get your ring yet, so this will have to do for now!” Thank goodness you’re too nice to me and gave me the real ring right after. It is GORGEOUS! I love it! You did SO good!

We were married October 24th, 2008 in the Idaho Falls Temple!

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