Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Great Outdoors

Bowen absolutely LOVES being outside. If you even say the word outside he will run over to the door, ready to go! Once out there he roams around like he owns the place (as you can tell from the pictures, he's constantly moving!) and when he's tired he will go into the garage and climb up in his stroller which obviously means, "Mom, I'm not ready to go inside but I'm ready for a walk."

Not such a fan of mowing the lawn with Uncle Jason

Swimming with Aunt Amy

 First time camping. He cried every time he had to go in the tent for a diaper change or nap.
Cousin Kayden pushed him around the camp site.
Checking out the garden with dad.


Amy said...

love the hoodie picture. ha!
hopefully being in the great outdoors so much will help get a little color on that cute, but very white baby.

Dallin & Ashley said...

He is sooooo cute TA! What a fun little guy, I bet your family is just loving him to pieces. I miss you. I wish we lived near each other so we could do baby dates. I'm positive they'd be great friends :)

Lori Allen said...

His mother loved the word outside too when she was that age! Didn't love balls quite as much but would take any opportunity to swing or go for walks! and she was quite independent too--wanting to be free to run and do as she pleased. Love the pictures. Love the boy! I'm sure he is much like his father too - exploring and loving the beauty of the wildlife!