Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pinterest Gems

I promise I am not addicted to Pinterest. I mostly use it to find new recipes. Unfortunately, I've found/made several that are not keepers. I hate when the picture looks better than the real thing tastes! But I have found several recipes that regularly make it on our menu these days so I thought I'd share a few (in no particular order)...
Italian Nachos

Simple Granola

Kung Pao Chicken

Sugar Cookie Rice Crispy Treats

Cinnamon Rolls
Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

And my favorite product that I found on Pinterest (and was gifted last Christmas) is this pasta pot. Seriously, why are these not more popular?! Love mine!

And a few things that have made me laugh from Pinterest...

What is your favorite Pinterest find?

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Elder Allen said...

Looks like we need to try some of those! YUM!