Monday, September 10, 2012


I put camping in quotations because we actually only went up for the day...there was no tent sleeping or an extended period without showering. But we still enjoyed dutch oven food, fishing, shooting and games. And of course, came home smelling like camp fire! I promise Bowen was awake most of the day!
He fell asleep in his stroller when we went on a little walk.

He woke up to check out something with Kory.
No idea what they were looking at.

Then he fell asleep again on the boat. Even in that life jacket!

But woke up just for the picture.

As always, he's wide eyed around dinner time!

Love this smiley little camo boy!


Amberlin Gefrom said...

ha ha your so funny!! I love it though, he is getting so big and so stinking cute!

Lori said...

His smile makes my day! Lucky you get to see him IN REAL LIFE everyday!