Friday, June 15, 2012

Pictures for Grandma (Take 2)

Actually Grandma has seen most of these so they're just for YOU blog readers!
I get about ten pictures like this...

For every few I get like this...

Needless to say the boy is scared of the flash! Haha
These days instead of his fist constantly being in the air, it's his legs! Even when he's swinging!

A few of Bowen's favorite things: sucking on his entire hand (we gave up on the pacifier!)

and blowing bubbles (maybe kinda hard to see in this picture, but they're there!)

This picture shows his awesome hair-do. Fuzz on top, a bald spot in the middle, then a long patch in the back! So handsome! Haha

The other day I went to get Bowen out of his bed and found him like this! I would've never known cause I heard him talking away for a few minutes before I even went in there. Uncovered him and he was all smiles!


Amberlin Bodily said...

So cute!!!!

Lori said...

He's perfect! and has wonderful parents! Keep the pictures coming! We love every one!