Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A [Kory] Update

Oh where to begin. Kory does not sit still. The week Bowen was born...actually the day we came home from the hospital, he planted his garden.

Let's remember that this was FEBRUARY and we live in IDAHO so of course his garden was planted in our (unfinished) basement. I was absolutely thrilled about this! But Kory did lots of research and was convinced that he would be more successful if he planted early.

The garden has since been moved outside. I think some of the plants died due to the fact that we still live in Idaho and it's still cold but the good news is most people haven't even started their gardens so we have time to replant things. By the end of the summer we should be able to pick everything we need (veggies, herbs, etc.) to make our own salsa, spaghetti sauce, chili rellenos and more!
Now, throughout the process of researching gardening Kory came across another hobby that he thinks he needs to get into. (Cause he doesn't have enough hobbies ya know!) This new thing would be beekeeping. He wants to "raise" bees. "Harvest" his own honey. His mom has been quite supportive of the idea, she even bought him this book.

Despite Kory's best efforts, I am still not convinced that we need bees. Here are some arguments he has used to try to get me on his side...
1) Think of all the money we will save on honey! (Now up until this point I don't think I've ever seen Kory use honey. And I only use it in homemade pizza dough and thai peanut sauce, so this factor was voided by me. However, since that time Kory makes a point to smother his sandwich with honey right in front of me several times a week.)
2) He will keep the bees at his parent's house.
3) Bees can prevent allergies.
4) Bees help gardens and fruit trees flourish.
5) Brigham Young was a bee keeper. (Is this true??)
6) The beehive symbol appears on the Salt Lake Temple doorknobs.
7) You really only have to "check" on the bees like twice a year so it's not that time consuming.
8) He promises to not start this hobby until next year.
As of now, Kory continues to read his book. I continue to hope he'll forget about it by next year.
Let's see what else...the other night I had the hiccups. Kory told me it was my own fault because hiccups are all mental. But just in case they're not, his "proven" method of getting rid of them is to CLAP at the exact moment you hiccup. He has only ever had the hiccups for like 5 minutes at a time because this always works for him. My hiccups lasted almost 2 hours!
Kory is very helpful with Bowen when he gets home from work. He even changes poopy diapers... though there are usually rubber gloves involved (no joke!) and always gagging! One time Bowen was screaming while Kory was changing him and I heard Kory say, "I should be the one crying! This is gross little man!" Bonding at it's finest!

This morning Bowen was talking up a storm before we went to get him out of bed. Kory and I were just listening when all of a sudden Kory started laughing, "That sounded just like an elk call!"Apparently we have a natural hunter on our hands! We'll see if I can get Kory to take the little man hunting this year! HA


Lori said...

You are so lucky to have two men (one big and one little) to keep you thinking, laughing and loving life!

Amberlin Bodily said...

Ha ha ha oh boys are their justifying things.