Monday, April 9, 2012

Pictures for Grandma

This just might become a weekly "feature" because even though me and Bowen skype with my mom like every other day she still insists on MORE PICTURES! So here are a couple from Easter Sunday (Bowen's 2 month "birthday") and one of him in my favorite jammies (that he has almost grown out of)! He is such a good baby and his smile is way cuter in real life!!

Yes, still barefoot!


Lori said...

YES! A weekly feature would be perfect! and YES! I'm sure his smile is way cuter in real life! Skype is good, real life is BEST! Can't wait til his first airplane ride next month! Those are favorite jammies because it brings out the blue in his eyes! He's perfect! I love and miss ALL of you! Take pictures of him with his Dad...and have Kory take some of him with you!

Amy said...

i just noticed he is totally fist pumping in the first two pictures.
maybs we have a future fighter on our hands.

Chase and Amy said...

He is SOOOO cute!!! :)