Monday, March 19, 2012

Bowen's Blessing

Bowen was blessed on March 11 by his dad. We are so grateful for our family and friends that were there that day (and missed those who couldn't make it)!

He looked pretty handsome! And yes, he was blessed barefoot! Blame his "Arizona mom". Aren't those toes cute though?!

And here's a picture of him in his tie...that is too big so we ditched it for the actual blessing.


Lori said...

NICE! You need to make the pictures bigger though! He's so handsome. and was so handsome and happy on his blessing day! There's something so sweet about baby blessings...and his bare feet were perfect!

The Durfee's said...

he's getting so big!! love this tie. and your hair is amazing, love the bangs!!

Kristalyn said...

He is absolutely darling. Congratulations Taralynn!! :)

Kristalyn said...

And, you look so cute!