Monday, October 10, 2011


First of all, THANK YOU for all the advice you left on this post. It was very helpful. Let the shopping begin!

Dear Baby,
We "saw" you today! I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda with your cousin, Hunter. When his mom first showed him their ultrasound picture he said, "DINOSAUR!!!" I thought you kinda looked like a dinosaur at first. It took awhile for my eyes to adjust to "ultrasound mode."
The first thing the ultrasound tech did was find your gender. I'm told that you were sitting indian style and not shy at all. You are definitely a BOY! At this point, I was not seeing what she was even talking about but your dad says he saw "it" so I'll take their word and agree you are a boy.
After learning that you were a boy we saw the rest of you. We saw your little feet, your heart beating, your face squished up against my side and your thumb in your mouth. You are perfect! The ultrasound made your dad very excited. He said he wants you to come out now! Please don't listen to him, keep growing and we will see you for "real" in February!
Love, Mom

Dear Baby,
I'm pretty sure moms worry about their children more than anyone or anything else. I'm not sure I can handle much more worrying in my life! So just be good and bear with me and I will pray a lot.
Love, Mom

Dear Baby,
You have been kicking quite a bit lately. (Boise State could use a new'll have to look into that if you like football!) Anytime now would be good for you to let your dad feel you kick. Why do you always stop when I tell him to come feel?? We're excited for your little kicks to get stronger!
Love, Mom

Dear Baby,
A few days ago your dad felt you kick for the first time. His reaction wasn't as good as I expected. He just sorta smiled and said, "That's crazy!" and then went back to being more interested in the TV. So last night you decided to give him a good kick! We were laying in bed and he had his hand on my stomach. You kicked pretty hard and you woulda thought he had just burned his hand on a hot stove. He jerked it away so fast! (That was the kind of reaction I wanted! Thanks for helping me out.)
Dad: "Did you FEEL that?"
Me: "Umm yes, remember that child is actually INSIDE my stomach! Did he hurt you hand or something? Hahah"
Dad: "No, it just surprised me. That was a HARD kick. He's gonna be strong. He's gonna like hunting and hiking the hills with me."
Me: "Oh gosh. Yes, I'm sure he will."
I had to ask if he was just pretending the other night when he first said that he felt you, just to make me feel good. He promised that he really did feel something, but he wasn't convinced it was you at that time. We've got him convinced now!
Love, Mom


Lori said...

I love these letters! Thanks for sharing. You are a FABULOUS Mom already and Kory will be a WONDERFUL Dad! You are doing great. And, yes, Moms do worry about their children more than anyone else. But prayers do help. Love you!

WhitneyNTyson said...

Hey there... Want some more advice? Haha! I loved my boppy, loved my bumbo(but the bumbo chair can wait a few months unit they can hold their head up)... Stroller definitely wont need until it warms up. Have to have a mirror that goes on the back seat so you can see the baby (kayla got me one and it was my favorite gift). a Bouncy chair is a must have, it's so nice to be able to put them down for a little bit to get something done... Hope that helps :)

Kristalyn said...

Horray for a little boy!! So exciting for you!!! :)