Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We spent the weekend at Pine Basin. It used to be a ski hill lodge, but has since been converted into a cabin.

We played lots of games, rode sleds and snowmobiles, ate sweets and didn't get much sleep.

Kory and Tanner in their "matching" crocheted hats. They even made them themselves. So crafty they are!

The day we were supposed to leave we woke up to this...

See the snowmobile handles? They were just about completely covered. "Luckily" it cleared up and the roads re-opened so we made it home just in time for Kory to go to work last night.

A few scenes you missed because we don't have a video camera (thinking about saving up for one...)
-Kory wiping out coming down the hill on a sled, getting up from his crash and diving right back on the sled...but the sled not budging so he basically went head first into the snow!
-All of the couples playing the Newlywed game. Lots of laughs. Kory's answer to "If you could be anyone famous (dead or alive) who would you be?"
"Whoever is dating/married to Rachel McAdams!"
-Kory underestimating the size of a jump and taking BOTH of us off of it on the snowmobile. Me flying off.

Which brings us to another one of Kory's answers to a Newlywed question "What is your spouse's most repeated phrase?"
"I'm sorry!" HA HA
*For the record, he got both of those answers wrong.

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Dave and Riss said...

you should get a flip video camera! they arent very expensive, they are super small, and sooo easy to use. You can only record max 1 hour or 2 hours (depending on which one you buy) but they are so worth it. I got David one for Christmas this year.