Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goal

When Kory and I got home from our Christmas trip to Arizona I kicked myself over and over because I hardly took any pictures! So my resolution was that 2011 would be better. I was going to take lots of pictures. Then guess how many I took the entire month of January??


That means I don't have pictures of...
New Year's Eve dinner and games with Kory's family.
My brother Scott's visit/snowboarding with Kory.
When I had my cousin and friends over for dinner.
Our last college football party of the season, lots of food and friends.
My new desk and (almost complete) decorated home office.

Anyway, back to the goal...
I am going to take at least one picture (of something or someone) EVERY day in February!
(I told Kory this and he said that we already have enough pictures! In his defense, he meant we have enough frames on the wall. He agreed that I can take more pictures and change some out.)
So if you see me during the month of February, make sure I pull out my camera!! I'll post my pictures every couple of days too, just to keep me accountable.

PS - Our Christmas was amazing and definitely blog-worthy, but I was just so upset that I barely had any pictures I never blogged about it. If you really want to hear about it, my mom's blog has two different posts with pictures and details about our Christmas trip HERE and HERE.

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Lori said...

love the goal! Especially since you are COMING to AZ and will take pictures! Don't beat yourself up for the past, just enjoy pictures in the future! Remember, you are the wanna be photographer! Can't wait to see all you take! love you! SEE YOU SOON!