Saturday, January 15, 2011

Confessions, coming right up

My mom saw my boss at a party last night. He told her that I am so quiet and hardly ever tell him anything. He was surprised to hear that my brother came to visit us last weekend. I know, heaven forbid I didn't tell my boss all my weekend plans! HA!

But, if you know my boss you would realize that this probably drives him crazy. He loves to be entertained. 99% of the time he would rather talk about anything besides work...actually I think he would prefer to talk about something besides work 100% of the time!

I might tell my boss more if I actually SAW him everyday. But since he is in AZ and I'm in ID, I only talk to him through Skype. I only call him through Skype if I have something work related to talk about. I think it's a little weird to be telling him all about my life through a computer. I personally prefer to have conversations face to face.

Nevertheless, he asked for it! So, starting on Monday, for the rest of the month, I will be confessing things about myself (and Kory) through the computer, via our blog. And I'm sure when/if my boss reads any of these things I will also get to discuss my confessions over Skype.


Angie Milne said...

New post! Finally! (not that I have room to talk...) I miss your posts, can't wait for the ones to come! Miss you!

Lori said...

Correction. The boss knew that your brother had come to visit...he just wondered why he hadn't heard any details about the visit! I love that you would rather converse face to face. Isn't Skype "face to face?!" He's a fantastic boss! Too bad you don't get to live here and work with him face to face everyday! Ask him about his invention that made him the invention winner at the party! I look forward to the "confessions" and your blog posts to come! Include pictures! love you!