Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

OK some of these blanks are too "open" (if you know what I mean..??) And I feel like I've already answered some of these before, but maybe not. Either we go:

1. I wish I could win $1000. I told Kory this the other and he laughed at me. He said if I am making wishes about winning money, I should wish for a bigger amount. How greedy is he?? KIDDING!

2. Yesterday I worked, took care of Kory after he sprained his ankle at work, went to dinner in Rexburg with friends .

3. Today I will finish working, pay some bills online, maybe do some Christmas shopping tonight since Kory has to work, watch some cheesy Lifetime Christmas movie (again, only cause Kory will be working!)

4. Tomorrow I will sleep in and then pretty much repeat everything I plan on doing today (besides work) Pretty boring weekend, I know. Hate it when Kory has to work .

5. Maybe I will make cinnamon rolls because I have been craving them!?

6. Someday I won't hate driving in the snow so much...hopefully!

7. I love how the holidays smell. Currently I have the "Fresh Balsam" wallflower plugged in in our family room, so even though we don't have a Christmas tree this year it smells like we do!


Amy said...

i should be studying this weekend but i am not. when i told mom she said i should've come to idaho. wish i had...especially if you're making cinnamon rolls. yum. call me if you're bored while kory is working! i will be bored too :) love you. see you in 14 days!!

Angie Milne said...

mmm cinnamon rolls sound GOOD! maybe i'll make some today too! are you going home for christmas??