Thursday, October 7, 2010


October 5, 2007
We're in Austria now! We had a long bus ride today, but the scenery was gorgeous! We drove through the Alps, the grass was green, the leaves on the trees were changing colors and there was snow on the tops of the mountains!

We’re staying at a Youth Hostel tonight. HAHA It is crazy! There’s EIGHT girls in a room and the rooms are the size of a closet! It’s a joke. There’s four bunk beds per room, but literally no walking room because of everyone’s suitcases. We’re waiting in line tonight to (finally) do laundry.

October 6, 2007

It is FREEZING! And we were outside pretty much all day. This morning we drove up to Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus...Hitler’s house.) We would have seen an amazing view, except the fog/clouds were really thick. It was still really cool to be at the top of this huge mountain, surrounded by clouds. The house is now a restaurant so you can’t really explore the interior.

Today we also went to a little park that has the gazebo used in the ‘Sound of Music’. It looks much bigger in the movie.

Another funny story: Adria got electrocuted!! At some of our previous hotels we had to insert our room key into a slot in order for the lights to turn on. So we get to the hostel and Adria flips on the switch, but the light doesn’t turn on. There was an outlet right next to the switch so she sticks her key in it...the OUTLET! Oh, Europe!

October 7, 2007
We woke up super early so we could get to this cathedral for a mass that started at 8 AM. Except when we got there we learned it didn’t start until 9 AM. So we sat and waited and it was cold! I was excited to experience a mass but I guess I kind of forgot that it was going to be in a different language.

We went to McDonald's for dinner. It was pretty good, except they didn't have mustard or ranch...


Amber said...

Summer of '69 forever!

Amy said...

no mustard or ranch?

how can they even call that mcdonalds? ha. JKJK.

Tara said...

Adria getting electrocuted is one of my favorite Europe memories, haha.. poor thing!

Lori said...
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