Saturday, July 31, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This post is mostly for my mom because she has been asking how our garden is looking. But if you're in the area you might want to start caring too...we'll share!
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(Top left: peas, below that: onions and then lots of corn! Ignore the weeds. I assure you, they have since been pulled.)

Not sure if from this angle the plants actually look taller?!

(The mound on the left is butternut squash and the mound to the right is zucchini...not sure how well those are actually coming along but we're still pulling for them! Inside that bluish tube we are growing jalapenos and down from that is our tomato plant.)

What I'm even more excited about...WE HAVE A PEACH! I know it's just one and it is green still, but hey, we only planted the tree a few months ago (plus, we got some pessimistic comments about trying to grow a peach tree).

We have a few apples growing as well, but that's not as exciting! Ha Ha
No apricots yet.

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Lori said...

nice! and there's grass too?! Hope I get to visit before the harvest is over! keep up the great work you two!