Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last weekend Kory's family's crazy work schedules all aligned so we were able to go camping together.

I don't know if I've mentioned before, but camping with the Sibbetts' is quite an event. Sometimes I feel like I'm moving as I pack up everything we need for camping in the car. I don't know where we're going to put the kids (...when we have them). Usually (since Kory works so much) it is up to me to make sure I get everything loaded. We left around 8pm Thursday (right after he got off work) and got to the camp site just as it got dark. We quickly discovered that I (the "master" packer) had forgotten one very important thing...MATCHES to light to lattern so we could see in order to set up our tent! Hey, I am not an Eagle Scout! Luckily, I did remember the flashlights (and toilet paper and every other important item).

We went out on Kory's fishing boat, made s'mores and dutch oven breakfasts/dinners, played games, went swimming in a freezing cold creek, got sunburns and mosquito bites! (Strangest thing though - I got 7 mosquito bites and NONE of them itched!? I'm not complaining, but still it's weird.)

Kayden fell asleep within 2 minutes of getting on the boat. After he fell off his chair we decided to put him on the floor.


The Durfee's said...

how fun i love camping!! forgot the matches haha but hey at least you had toilet paper...most important thing!!

Dave and Riss said...

good thing I'm in physical science and can tell you why your bites don't itch...mosquitoes saliva is what makes you itchy. They put it in you when they start drinking your blood but when they are done they draw it back out. Usually they get scared away before they actually finish so they never get to withdraw the saliva. But apparently your bugs got their fill and flew away. so no itch. Aren't you so glad you have friends in college?!? ha ha

Lori said...

Interesting about the mosquitoes. Who would have known? My guess would have been that it had something to do with the cold! Fun times! Thanks for sharing them with us!