Monday, May 24, 2010


We had so much fun in Arizona. We spent time at the cabin, watched a few Suns games, celebrated Mother's Day, ate out with family and friends, (Kory) played church softball with my dad, saw Iron Man II, went to a Diamondbacks game, shopped, enjoyed perfect weather, went to the temple and I got a job!!

Kory and I spent a week in AZ together, then he came back home to work and I stayed an extra week to get some training for my job. I will be working for an appraisal management company. It's perfect because everything I need is online so I can just work from home, but it will keep me busy!


Amy said...

i'm so glad you got a job :) you're going to love working for bryan! wish you were going to be in arizona again this week. home won't be the same without you.

Alyssa and Tyler said...

Yay for getting a job! That will be nice to work from home. Congrats!