Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Car Wash and a Rumor

Does anyone else have issues at the car wash? I am officially car wash retarded! Let me explain...
Today I needed to wash my car. It was filthy (and my dad is coming into town tomorrow - he taught me to keep my car clean!) Since I live in Idaho and it's still pretty cold outside I justified going to the drive through wash (plus, we don't even own a hose yet). So I drive up, pay my $8, see the green light and pull in. I carefully watch the sign telling me how far to pull forward. I stop as soon as it tells me to. The sign then proceeds to tell me to back up...pull forward...back up...pull forward...back up...(you get the idea!) Then the wash sprays my car with foamy soap and stops. Then again, the sign starts telling me to pull forward and back. Eventually the sign thanked me for coming to the car wash!
AHH! I have foamy soap all over my car. I just paid (lost) $8. Plus, I was so careful to stop as soon as it told me to.
I really had no other option but to scrounge around my car for $3 in quarters so I could hand wash the soap off. In case you were's super windy in Idaho Falls today! I rinsed my car as fast as possible, but was still slightly damp and couldn't feel my hands after I had finished.
(On top of this whole ordeal...there were four stalls where you could personally wash your car. I was the only one using a stall and the dumb guy that wanted to wash his truck pulls in behind me. I sincerely hope he was entertained by me running around, trying to rinse my car as fast as I could!)
Now, I would never consider myself "car wash retarded" after just one such incident. Maybe it was a fluke. Perhaps the car wash was having technical difficulties, etc. (I've made up several excuses for car washes.) Oh no people, this same type of thing has happened to me at THREE different car washes to date! Granted none of the other washes have sprayed foamy soap before deciding to quit on me. And two of the times I was actually able to just drive back around, re-enter (without paying again) and it worked for me.
Anyway...moral of the story: I miss the Arizona weather that allows you to wash your car in the comfort of your own driveway year round! And dad, my car is definitely not up to your standard of clean but $11 and a crappy "car wash" later, it's gotta be the thought (and effort) that counts, right??!

On a completely unrelated note - Rumor has it that they started construction on a Panda Express in Idaho Falls!!!


Whit & Ty said...

That is the word on the street.. I heard they are putting it in over by the sprint store by walmart in Ammon... I am sooo excited!!!

Dallin & Ashley said...

ha! I know you miss washing the miata instead now! why don't you just make kory do it instead? haha

Tara said...

Its true! Its going in the WalMart parking lot across from EITC on Hitt!! Should be done by September!! :)

ps. your house it beautiful! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Dad is "blog retarded" and doesn't know how to leave a comment but he said the car will be perfect. Thanks for thinking of him! See you tomorrow! Good night. Love, Dad...really Mom

Dave and Riss said...

Oh my gosh T!! This SAME EXACT THING happened to my husband today. For real. He came home with the car dirtier than it already was so we had to drive around the city looking for another car wash. Hilarious!!

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

Wow Taralynn, I think it must be like over 10 years since we have last seen each other/talked. I'm definitely not good at keeping in touch as you can tell. Send me an email so I can invite you to our blog so we can try to keep better in touch!

p.s. your house is gorgeous!!! I'm so jealous!

Chase and Amy said...

Tula!!! Your house is awesome!! I love it so much. How many bedrooms does it have? Is it your "forever" home? Congrats!! Now you just need a baby?? :)