Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Particularly Picky

When you get married you get to know all about someone else's strange likes and dislikes. Here are a few things Kory and I have learned about each other...

-I do not like tomatoes or ketchup, but I do like tomato soup.
-I LOVE ranch, just not out of the bottle. It must be homemade.
-I always have my phone on vibrate...just because.
-I do not like butter on my rolls, but I do like it on my toast.
-I really don't mind doing the dishes, but I hate washing our big griddle thing (that we make french toast, hash browns, etc. on). I always leave that on the counter to see how long it takes until Kory gives in and washes it for me!
-I prefer to chew only 1/2 of a piece of gum.
-Sometimes when I sleep on my stomach I don't like to have a pillow under my head.
-I like my pop barely cold and through a straw. Not super cold or out of a can.

-He does not like tap water. (We have a Brita purifying water pitcher.) He likes bottled water, but not purified bottled water - just bottled SPRING water.
-He prefers Crest toothpaste. He says Colgate toothpaste "foams to much."
-He will always choose unbaked homemade cheesecake, except baked cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory is actually his favorite.
-He can't stand when the sheets/blankets on the bed are "tucked in." Gotta be "untucked." (Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld!?!) And he sleeps best when there is only ONE blanket/sheet/or comforter over him.
-He likes bread and butter pickles, but he doesn't like them ON anything. He will only eat them plain.
-He will order fries over mashed potatoes any day.
-He LOVES salt. He puts it on almost everything...the strangest, I think, is spaghetti.


Amy said...

i'm the same way when it comes to sleeping on my stomach...no need for a pillow. we must be sisters :)

Stu and Angie Milne said...

haha this is hilarious! i think i'm going to copy your post, it'll be interesting to see what our quirks are.. i don't like ketchup either!

The Clawson's said...

I totally have to agree on the toothpaste thing. Lance's family are total colgate people (I think it's cheaper...) But it foams WAY too much! I'm gonna have to copy this idea!

Angie Milne said...

ooh and i am totally a crest person! the minty scope kind for sure.

Anonymous said...

very nice Taralynn...and after 25 years you will probably BOTH have the SAME quirks! Gotta love married life! It's the best! love, Mom

Dallin & Ashley said...

Taralynn this is why I love you! I love all your little "things"! And I miss them...oh and I found another fried rice recipe that you might like better than the other one...you're so cute