Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday and Camping

I turned 21! And because I live in Idaho, today I had to go renew my driver's license to prove it. I had a great birthday! Kory made me breakfast before he left for work. I got a package of presents from my family (cards from everyone, new shirts, P90X). Even though I didn't get Someburros for dinner, Bajio mexican food did suffice! I made my first angel food cake (relax, Kory did offer to make my cake but I really wanted to try making one myself)! It turned out pretty good...a little lopsided but very delicious with lemon cream cheese frosting and strawberries on top! Kory claims I'm hard to shop for but now he knows he can't go wrong with lotion, perfume and a gift card for a massage!

This past weekend we went camping and rafting with Kory's family. I never realized camping was so much work until I went camping with Kory! Seriously, I feel like we're moving when we load up the car to go camping, we take SOO much stuff. But we always have fun and eat plenty! I have never been rafting before so I'll admit that I was a little nervous, but it was a pretty tame river...with just enough rapids for some excitement! Of course, I was the only one to fall out of the raft! Ha ha, yes leave it to me - Kory didn't even notice I fell out until his brother started yelling and pointing! I'm OK though!

I'm a horrible person cause I didn't get any good pictures. But here are a few just for kicks (no we are not in that raft, just some random people that went by when I had my camera out) and then there's a video of a guy surfing on the river that we went down. Seriously, I bet you didn't know you could surf in Idaho!!

And I thought I would be done with my travels after this camping trip BUT I am going to Provo to see my mom and help my sister move in this weekend, then going back to Utah for a big craft fair with Kory's mom and sisters next weekend, plus there is one last camping trip in the works for sometime in September. Lovely!


Stu and Angie Milne said...

sounds like a fantastic birthday! i have P90 too, maybe we should be each others suport system! (so far I have only done one disc and I'm not a fan.. mostly because of the instructor, such a weirdo!) i love how much you guys get to do outdoors! looks so fun, we'll have to plan a visit :)

Anonymous said...

love your stories! thanks for sharing! see you soon! yeah! Mom