Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Allen's in Idaho

My parents and Jason finally decided to come check out Idaho in the summer (usually they come for the snowboarding)! I think we might have them convinced that our summer weather is better than Arizona summer weather (and Idaho winter weather). I didn't get many pictures of my parents or Jason but of course while they were here it was a good excuse to get some pictures of Bowen!

Jason, Kory and I went zip lining at Heise.

 We all went swimming up in Rexburg. Bowen is not so much a fan of smiling AT the camera.

 We went whitewater rafting. Kory was our guide. The only casualties: two pairs of sunglasses, one hat and one paddle. I'd say that's a success. No pictures ON the raft trip though. My bad.
Kory and Jason went fly fishing. I think they caught some fish?!!

 And we hadn't worn ourselves out with all of that, so we went bowling too!

Loved having them here! Come back SOON!


The Durfee's said...

ahh so fun, makes me miss idaho and all it has to offer! the summers are amazing! its always fun when family comes, jason is so grown up! and oh so so handsome!! love the picture Bowen bowling :)

Lori Allen said...

we will be back! It was a great time. love you!