Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Travels

We have been on the go this August. The first week we went to Vegas to visit Kory's sister that lives there and then a few days after we got home from there we went to Mesa to spend a week with my family before my brother, Scott, leaves on his mission (to RUSSIA!)
Yeah, Vegas and Mesa in AUGUST...we pick the best time to leave this Idaho weather! HA But it was so great to have time playing with both our families!
Of course, I did not take enough pictures. In fact, you wouldn't even know we were with Kory's fam in Vegas cause they are in NONE of my pics but here are a few...

M&M Factory

Swimming in Aunt Staci's pool

Chicken and Waffles...LOTS of chicken and waffles

Swimming with Grandma Lori in Mesa. Thinks he knows how to blow bubbles!

Bowen and his favorite missionary uncle

Dinner with my friend Nikki and her 7 week old, Carter

Bowen's new favorite thing, sucking on his toes!

Meeting and sharing toys with my cousin's baby, Jack, born just one day after Bowen

Wishing our fun summer didn't have to come to an end...mostly cause that means it's hunting season!


Kristalyn said...

How fun! Darling little guy!! And your mom's swimsuit is super cute!

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

Radley's favorite thing is sucking on his toes too! Silly boys.

Lori said...

Did Kory EAT all those chicken and waffles??! That is more than I saw him eat then entire time he was in AZ! We miss you! and love you.