Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pregnancy Brain [episode 2]

So my shower curtain smelled (blame that on the pregnancy too!) so I decided to wash it (and buy a new liner).

I take the shower curtain out of the dryer and notice that there are now a bunch of loose threads.
Here are the thoughts that follow my discovery:
Lame! I washed it on the "Delicate" cycle and dried it on "Low Heat." Why did all these threads come loose?
Well, can't exactly go back in time so I guess I will have to cut these off to make the curtain look good again.

Spend literally an HOUR meticulously cutting off all the little threads. I even took a picture of them for you...

Then I go to hang up the shower curtain and realize that the threads were on the BACK of the curtain...the part that is covered by the shower liner.
Awesome, huh?
Don't worry, there is some good the back of my shower curtain looks just as good as the front! (Seriously, I took a picture and you can't tell the difference).


Travis and Kayla said...

?! I love this random post! haha. Last night was so much fun! I hope we play settlers sooN! :)

Amy said...

this worries me...