Wednesday, September 14, 2011


People say that some moms have an intuition and just know whether they're having a boy or a girl.
I am not one of those moms.
Here is a glimpse into my thought process over the past several months...
At first: It is totally a girl. I am so sick, they say you are more sick when it's a girl.
Then: My sister-in-law reminds me that she was sick for 5 months...with her boy!
So: Well good, maybe it's a boy. I really want a boy first. Am I allowed to even think that?!
Decided: It's a boy.
Confirmation: Had a dream that I had my ultrasound and it was indeed, a boy.
But lately: I really think it's a girl again. I just have a feeling.
Except: That dream is still throwing me off! Pregnancy dreams are supposed to mean something, aren't they?? (My translation of this: Pregnancy dreams should be accurate, shouldn't they??)

Are YOU confused now? Luckily, this confusion will all be put to rest on FRIDAY!
And yes, several are asking for a belly picture so I'll work on that. I really hate having pictures taken of just myself though...


Amberlin Baxter said...

Between being confused about the sex of the baby and thinking you don't have any poor girl..ha ha LOVE you!

sallysue said...

You're having twins. Thus dreams, sickness and intuition are all correct. :)

Amy said...

it's a girl.

future aunt's intuition--can't get more accurate than that.

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I always thought that whole mothers intuition was just made up but when I got prego I just knew it was a boy... and it was.

I'm so excited for you to find out! I hope you are having a boy too.

Lizzie & Ty said...

I was so back and forth with this pregnancy. I had dreamt that I was having a boy and sure enough I am! So it just might be a boy! I cannot wait for you to find out!