Saturday, May 7, 2011

(just a few...)Things My Mom Taught Me

Attitude is everything.
Serve with a smile.

Don't forget your prayers.
Stay busy. Work hard.

Follow the prophet.
Life's not fair.
Be nice. Don't call your brother dumb.

Gratitude is shown by your actions.
Attend the temple often.

If it's not breathing, it's just stuff.
Smile and laugh!
Patience is important.

Spend (and save) your money wisely.
Take pictures.

Family is central to Heavenly Father's plan.
Say "I Love You"

Happy Mother's Day! Love, Taralynn


Lori said...

if you think going to funerals make me sentimental...! THANK YOU! I hope I also taught you that YOU ARE THE BEST! I love you! See you soon!

Amberlin Baxter said...

Yes life is not fair and yes don't call your brother dumb...cause he makes me laugh!! :-) aww all those pictures just melt my heart. I love your family and your mom so much, she has been so sweet to me. Lovely Lori!