Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts

In response to yesterday's post, Kory and I were discussing these questions and just wanted to know all of your thoughts. I believe if you are on time then you are not late. On his mission, Kory was told that if you are not 15 minutes early, you are late. Unfortunately, it seems he only thinks this applies to work. He leaves super early for work! But we are sometimes later for church (which is embarrassing cause it's just the two of us and our ward is full of families with young kids...and they all manage to get there on time!) Kory has also been known to be late for a date...with me! Now that is just unacceptable!

Moving on, last night I was it any coincidence that the acronym for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) also corresponds with Oldest Child Disorder (OCD)?? I'm not saying that being the oldest child is a disorder, I'm just implying that I am an oldest child and I tend to be a little obsessive and compulsive. Need convincing? See these: confession posts.

Somewhat along the same lines, I read this article the other day and this article, How birth order affects your love life and How birth order determines your romantic capability. (Click to see the full articles) This is what they said about "me."
If you’re an oldest child...
It’s no coincidence that most U.S. Presidents were first-borns, because this is the sign of natural leaders. You’re a take-charge person, so not the type to drive friends and romantic partners crazy asking questions like, “I dunno where we should eat; where do you want to go?” Instead, you’ll make sure you have reservations — and land a prime table, too. And anyone lucky enough to pair up with you won’t spend weeknights wondering whether he or she has Saturday night plans, because “oldest kids are planners,” says Dr. Leman. You’re also old-fashioned (in a good way). You always come through on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.
Your love challenge: Being more spontaneous. First-borns aren’t the “seize the day” sort (you’re not one to text your sweetie to suggest meeting at this fun cafĂ© you just walked past). Likewise, “you hate surprises,” Dr. Leman warns. Pity the fool who springs meeting the parents on you or when you thought it was just the two of you going out tonight!
Best match: The youngest child. “It’s a case of opposites attracting,” says Dr. Leman. “You help the last-born be more organized, and the last-born helps you lighten up.”

The oldest child: the leader, a good citizen, responsible, responsive to parents’ expectations, well-organized, precise, and prone to perfectionism.
Best match for Female oldest child: The firstborn girl will usually have a leadership streak, so she’ll be happy with a lastborn. A firstborn girl with younger brothers will be happiest with a lastborn guy with older sisters.

I had to laugh because most of it is so true!! I am totally a planner and I HATE surprises. I like to know everything! As far as coming through on holidays...ask Kory about our 1st and 2nd Valentine's together!!! Kory is not the youngest child but he does have two older sisters!

And on a completely unrelated note, I NEED this rug for our office! The colors would go perfectly with our big world map. Please and thank you.


Angie Milne said...

oh that is hilarious... that is me to a T!!! I love our oldest child OCD-ness, it just makes us that much more lovable right? I ended up with a lastborn guy too, crazy! When will you be in az again?!

Angie Milne said...

oh ps, personally I think on time = on time... Stu always wants to be 15 mins early, so I think that must have been something they learned on their missions!

Lori said...

You are not late if you are on time. But being early to some things is helpful! I would never call you OCD but you are a perfect oldest child and we love you! You "caught" a perfect guy - one who helps you become better and more spontaneous, yet loves you for who you are and what you help him become! and the rug...yes, I love it too! Have fun with the perfect second child...what have you learned about them??! Wish I were there!

Kaylen Margaret said...

Haha I read that same article about the birth order. It is totally true about what it says. I'm the oldest in my family and my boyfriend is the youngest in his. What it said spoke the truth. haha.

Kristalyn said...

Haha I just read that article! The middle child appears pretty accurate, too! I definitely think on time = on time. I sometime stretch it so being a couple minutes late to class still counts as on time as long as the teacher hasn't started the material yet (justification?). Punctuality is a goal of mine... I'm working on it! Thanks for your posts! I love your blog!