Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Eyebrow Plucker's Anonymous.

I tend to get a little carried away when I pluck my eyebrows. Does anyone else have this issue??
I am currently "growing them out." Bet you haven't heard that one before?! Growing out your hair...yes. But growing out eyebrows, no.
I'm pretty sure your eyebrows are supposed to arch from one side of your eye ALL the way to the other end of your eye. Mine do not. The outer edge has slowly been plucked too far in!

Luckily my eyebrows are light so it's not THAT big of deal, but everytime I look in the mirror, I notice!

I have a problem. I'm looking for support. Someone take my tweezers!


sallysue said...

I pull my eyebrows when stressed. Thus I amconstantly growing them out. EPA unite!

Amy said...

this isn't exactly anonymous. haha.
but that's okay...
i pull my eyebrows out too. but i'm also too lazy to pluck very often so i usually have the opposite problem--too much eyebrow instead of too little.

Elizabeth said...

hah, believe it or not, I have grown out my eyebrows since I got married. :) they are naturally pretty thick. But, back in my single days, I just kept plucking them skinnier and skinnier... now they are in-between and I keep debating with myself whether I should make them just a LITTLE skinnier, but then I get nervous I'll go too skinny again. Ha!