Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are you a "roller person?"

The other day I used the bathroom and noticed that the toilet paper was almost gone. (**Keyword: in it was not gone yet. And yes, there was more than just like one sheet left. Just want to make that clear.)
Because the extra rolls of toilet paper are in a cupboard above and behind the toilet I was nice enough to set out another roll, just in case the next time someone used the bathroom they needed more than the little bit left on the roll.
Well sure enough, the next time I go in there the "original" roll was empty and the "new" roll was now sitting on top of the "roller"/dispenser.
I personally think that if you are the one that uses the last of the toilet paper, you should put the new one on. Right??!
So I decided that, since I wasn't that person, I wasn't going to put it on. So there it stayed, on top of the roller. It remained there for several days, everyday containing less and less paper. It got to the point where the "new" roll was almost gone too!
So of course, it was time to have a conversation with the person that (I consider) responsible for putting the new roll on the roller.

(Location: Kory is getting into bed, I am finishing getting ready for bed in the bathroom.)
Me: Why haven't you put the toilet paper on the stinkin' roller??
Me: That's not funny. I know you are the one that used the last of the "old" roll.
Kory: I wanted to see how long you would just leave it there. Well, and then I decided maybe you weren't a roller person and this was your way of telling me.
Me: What? Not a "roller person?"
Kory: Yeah, I thought maybe you don't like your toilet paper on the roller.
Me: ?????? Well, I actually do like my toilet paper on the roller so...
Kory: Ok, ok. I will put it on in the morning.
Me: (Since I'm still in the bathroom...goes and puts the new roll on the roller; cause I'm stubborn like that and now I don't want Kory to have the satisfaction!)
Me: Have you ever met someone that wasn't a "roller person?"
Kory: Yes. My first mission companion.
Me: I guarantee the only reason he wasn't a "roller person" is because his mom wasn't there to put it on for him.


Lori said...

okay. that really could be on Seinfeld! just fyi--most of the time the "other people" in this house don't put it on the roller either! whatever. we just make life too easy for them!

Dallin & Ashley said...

I am a specific roller person too... :)

Amy said...

kory is so considerate not putting the toilet paper on the roller just in case you weren't a roller person. hahaha. funny stuff.

Travis and Kayla said...

WOW, I about peed my pants reading this! I admit that at first I thought, "TL, you have too much time on your hands to write about TP." Then I continued reading and it was WORTH it. haha, Oh my gosh. Sadly to say, I AM A ROLLER PERSON! :) Travis gets on my case weekly about it too. I can not get over Kory plotting this out. You gotta love it, TL. You gotta!

Mallory Leatham said...

This is really classic. I wish you guys lived closer to us! Perhaps we need to plan a play day/weekend.