Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two Years Ago...

Happy Anniversary!

And if any of you would like to complain about what happened to your car the night of your reception...STOP! Seriously, we definitely have you beat!
Needless to say, we got to stop at a do-it-yourself car wash for a good hour. Good thing I had changed out of my dress and heels...Kory was still in his tux, real classy!
Bird seed, chocolate syrup, saran wrap, something white??!

And they didn't forget the inside. Lucky for you, you can't smell this.


Lori said...

It was a wonderful day! A perfect, and beautiful day! I will always remember being in the sealing room, watching you so nervous, but so happy. Trying to help you afterwards--still nervous--and the temple helper said you were the quickest bride to get ready that she had ever seen! That's because you are naturally beautiful! You were so beautiful that day. I love you. Happy Anniversary!

Amy said...

kory is not going to be invited to my wedding if he plans on doing anything to my car like what his brother did to your guy's car. that was disgusting. gag.

other than that, it was a beautiful day! can't believe it's been two years already!!!

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

We lucked out and didn't get it that bad lol. Our cousins were going for more of a "cute" decorated car I think. Happy anniversary though!