Friday, October 22, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

1. I am craving The Olive Garden.

2. I wish Kory would just shoot a deer and come home from hunting.

3. I like vacations, taking pictures, anything sweet, cute quotes, getting mail, sleeping in, singing in the car, a clean house.

4. I can hardly wait to go to Boise with Kory in a few weeks for a mini-"vacation"/Boise State football game. October has been so busy, I'm excited to spend a whole weekend with him!

5. I hope it doesn't snow next week, like the forecast has predicted.

6. I think I stress too much.

7. I was so tired last night, but couldn't fall asleep once I got in bed.(Probably due to #6) Hate when that happens.

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Lori said...

Oh so nice! Here's mine. I am tired, but happy. I wish Kory would just shoot a deer too! I like family, friends, chocolate, vacations, being with my kids, talking to my kids, and helping others. I can take a nap today! No more meetings. I hope my kids are always happy and live the gospel. I think the world is beatiful! I was young once! I love you! Thanks for your blog!