Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When in Rome

September 28, 2007
I haven’t slept in a bed since I last wrote, so it’s obviously been a long day...or two?!? But we made it to ROME after a 10 hour flight. It took like 45 minutes for our luggage to appear on the carousel...I have no idea why it took so long, but nobody’s luggage got lost - Thank goodness!! (Losing luggage is always a big fear of mine when I travel!)

After we got our luggage we got on a bus to go to our convent for the night...yes we’re staying in a convent, nuns checked us in. The beds are super small and the window doesn’t shut all the way (traffic is super noisy). Good thing everyone is pretty much exhausted and will probably sleep well regardless.

After we checked into our convent we walked to the Forum/Ruins. We also got to see Titus’ Arch. Then we went to a church where we saw St. Peter in Chains and Michelangelo’s Moses.

Later we went to the Colosseum, which is HUGE - if you think about when/how it was built, it’s amazing!

For dinner we got authentic Italian pizza...which was gross if you ask me. “American” pizza is so much better. But we also got some gelatto which was super good. We ate by the Trevi Fountain and walked past the Pantheon on our way back to the convent.

September 29, 2007
Today was a very long walking day. I have blisters and extremely sore feet. (Why isn't the sticky part of a band-aid as durable as duct tape??) It was a really good day though. We went to Michelangelo’s Astronomy Church, the Sacred Steps, St. John’s Lateran, Spanish Steps, Galleria Borghese and Santa Maria Del Popolo.

The Sacred Steps were moved to Rome. These are the steps Christ walked up the night he was tried and crucified. Lots of people come to this church to worship/repent. They will crawl up the steps on their hands and knees. I loved the statue at the bottom of the steps of Judas kissing Christ to betray him.

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