Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vanilla (fill-in-the-blank) Ice Cream

I went to the store the other day just to buy the ingredients for root beer floats. Simple enough, right?
Do you know how many different types of vanilla ice cream there are out there??
French vanilla, vanilla bean, natural vanilla, original vanilla, double vanilla, slow churned vanilla, (just) vanilla, homemade vanilla, extra creamy vanilla...
I was tempted to buy one of each and do a taste test. I mean is there a distinct difference between all of these flavors?
After pacing the ice cream aisle for several minutes, slightly confused, I settled on french vanilla.
I decided there should really be a "Perfect for Root Beer Floats" Vanilla.


The Durfee's said...

haha so true maybe you should invent one! its a little ridiculous how many they have, i highly doubt they are all that much different!

Amy said...

can we PLEASE buy all the different flavors one night and have a taste test???

i think it would be very...informational :)