Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Utah: Take 3

We went to Utah for the 3rd time this month last weekend. We...
-Took family pictures with the Sibbetts' (I'll post a link once they are up on the photographers website)
-Ate out at a yummy pizza/pasta place in Midway
-Enjoyed a hot afternoon with a slip 'n slide and water balloons
-Met up with Kyleur for lunch at Pei Wei
-Went to church (listened to Carter's talk in Primary)
-Ate brownies when we weren't supposed to0 (ahem, Kory!)
-Got in trouble for eating brownies when we weren't supposed too (aka "got" to do Sunday dishes)
-Played games (with Amy! she came over from Provo)
-The men went golfing, while the women packed lunches, got kids ready, (somewhat) cleaned up Nicole and Rob's house, packed the cars, etc.

-Spent a perfect day at Lagoon (even with a little rain it was warm and fun)
-Went to listen to Aunt Marki's devotional talk at the LDS Business College
-Laughed at each other for singing ridiculously wrong lyrics to a song
-Debated over which dream vacation we want to start saving for (European/Mediterranean Cruise or Sandals Resort in Jamaica...thoughts??)
-Enjoyed spending lots of time together (as I am already dreading Kory's upcoming week-long fishing trip and hunting season!) July has been good to need to move on!


Amy said...

ate brownies when we weren't supposed to. hahaha. that was great. glad i could join you for dinner and games and such! you should come to utah three times every month i think :)

and both dream vacations sound fabulous! am i invited????

Lori said...

very nice! loved every word!