Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Taralynn & I approve this message...

A few totally random products I would endorse (if I were a celebrity or something)...

1. Sara Lee bagels
Perfect "chewy-ness." Yeah, that's my best description!

2. Express camisoles/undershirts
I will never buy a cami from anywhere else! (Seriously, quote me on that!) They are a good length and come up high enough to make a low-cut shirt modest. Not cheap/thin cotton material, last a long time!

3. Cetaphil lotion
When they say unscented, they mean unscented! Who knew that was even possible?! (That's really beside the point though.) I put this lotion on my face every morning and night. I buy lots of things generic...but the generic lotion is NOT the same!

4. Don Aslett's cleaning products
Specifically, the mop, which "heads" attach on with velcro making them super easy to wash with the rest of your laundry. I have the same mop "stick" and use different "heads" for my wood floor and tile. Also, I love the toilet brush. While it doesn't have the typical toilet brush look, I promise if you use it you will love it! There is a store in Idaho Falls that sells these products, but my mom orders things online

5. Canon Cameras
I actually have never used another brand of camera, but I've never had a problem with my Canon!

6. Jilbere de Paris Porcelain Straightener
These straighteners/flat irons are fairly inexpensive ($30-$50) and again, last a long time. (Unless you try to use it in Europe or on a cruise...then it will die.) I am so happy with this brand that even when it does die, I'll go buy the exact same one. They sell them at Sally's.

And for all you fellow Idaho-ans or lucky tourists, here are a few places you should check out on your next date night (click on the name for address, etc.)...
1. Lucy's New York Style Pizzeria (Idaho Falls)
DELISH! Their plain ol' cheese pizza is our favorite.
2. Gator Jack's (Rigby)
Even if you don't live close, you should click above and check out their menu. Very original sandwich titles! My sandwich of choice: Up Yonder (aka: philly cheesesteak)
3. Pachanga's Mexican Food (Downtown/near the temple/Idaho Falls)
Very small place, so we avoid going on weekend nights. Love their salsa and as always, I order a bean and cheese burrito.
4. TwizlBerry (Rexburg)
If you live in Rexburg I'm sure you have heard of it. If you have not...GO! This is a self-serve, pile on the toppings, pay by the ounce, frozen yogurt place. So many flavors and toppings to choose from, I actually don't always get the exact same thing!!

You're Welcome!


Dallin & Ashley said...

I love your blog TA

Elizabeth said...

Yep! Still in Rexburg, still in school. :-P Lovin' life, though. :)

Aly Caff said...

How in the world did you post this? i thought you were on vacation?