Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Panda Express: By the Numbers

25: Years Kory had to wait for Panda Express to come to his hometown
3: Years I was deprived of having Panda Express in my (can I say it...) "hometown"
6/21/10: The day the 1st Panda Express, in Idaho Falls, opened
14: Cars that we decided NOT to wait behind in the drive-thru line
(I couldn't even get all 14 cars in one picture! They wrapped around the whole parking lot. Probably one of those, you had to be there to care, moments. Haha)

53: People in the long, wrap around the restaurant, all the way out the door line
Several: Pictures I was too embarrassed to take
(Really, I had great intentions of documenting this fabulous event, but then I felt dumb. How do I get over this??)
30: Minutes that we had to wait in line for our food
1: Large Mountain Dew

2: Very happy people! Content with their orange chicken, kung pao chicken, bejing beef and honey walnut shrimp
More than we will probably admit: Times we will go to Panda Express in the very near future!

PS - I can not take credit for coming up with the "Universal Truths" several posts ago. Someone sent them to me in an e-mail.


The Durfee's said...

ah im so happy its finally open..about time!!!

Amy said...

wish i could have been there for this momentous occasion. we'll have to recreate it when i come visit...only hopefully by then there won't be nearly as many people in front of us in line.

Mallory Higginson said...

Honey Walnut Shrimp!!?! I have not tried that one... but it sounds delicious. Cute post-You just take those pics... socially acceptable or not! hah!

Dallin & Ashley said...

i am seriously so excited now...my life is almost complete...how sad are we TA? congratulations idaho falls and surrounding areas!

Lori said...

Cant believe you called Idaho Falls your hometown! But I'll get over it. Now you have reason to celebrate 6/21 just like I do--the day Dad proposed (first day of summer!) AND Panda in Idaho Falls. Both so worth celebrating every year! love you, Mom

Brad said...

Um, Panda is good and I eat there. But dude, 53 PEOPLE?!! Cmon! You could go home make some Chinese food before you got to the beginning of that line. Sheesh.

superpaige said...

Yum! Love the Panda.