Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let's Talk...

About the weather:
Seriously, Chicago... we would like a re-match. At stakes: Bragging rights and the title of "The Windy City"

About my favorite mascara:
Maybelline discontinued it without warning!! Sad day.

About food:
Idaho Falls is slowly gaining some more "like" points in my book. By mid-summer Panda Express will be open (complete with a drive thru) and Famous Dave's BBQ will also be open. Someburros or Serranos...I think you should be next!

About my sister:
She was here and we took zero pictures. Sorry mom.

About yard work:
Emphasis on WORK. Pulling weeds, picking up rocks. Sorry, I am not so much a fan. I think getting our yard/garden done is going to take just as long as building our house! (Actually, we have barely started so I can't really complain yet...)

About the show 24:
If they kill Jack Bauer just because this is the last season I will be upset. I mean really, he has survived some ridiculous things over the years. If he dies now it will almost be unbelievable.

About important papers:
KEEP THEM! Because important places will always have copies, except when they can benefit. We canceled our gym membership in January but they randomly withdrew membership fees this month. SO annoying. Luckily, my mom taught me well. I kept a copy of the cancellation letter, plus the receipt that proved I mailed that letter by certified mail. After a few phone calls and a trip over to the gym we're still waiting for the refund to come through...

About going (home) to Mesa:
Our agenda is already filling up...cabin trip, Mother's Day, Diamondbacks v. Dodgers game and catching up with all of my favorite restaurants!! We're counting down the days!!


Angie Milne said...

dont forget to pencil us in! double date with angie and stu! (or at least a lunch date with moi!) i'm so excited!

The Durfee's said...

haha i love 24!! we are obsessed...we just had this conversation..HE CAN'T DIE!! glad things are going well!!

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

Haha we must use the same mascara because mine suddenly just disappeared from all the stores...

jen said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I was here once before and lost the URL, so I've been MIA. For the record. . . . LOVE the house. LOVE it.
I'll be back now that I have you marked!

Anonymous said...

Nice! can't wait to see you. Sad you didn't take any pictures--remember WHY we buy cameras! Do you remember picking rocks out of our yard when we moved in?? You are experienced and good at it! Happy I taught you a few things! Keep up the good work. We love you tons. Mom

Chase and Amy said...

I totally agree with the lameness of rock-picking. It's ridiculous how many rocks/milk bottle lids we have found in our weed-jungle of a backyard. Good luck with the landscaping!