Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dramatic Weather

Last week it was FREEZING cold here. Like negative temperatures all day long!

Proof: I was just outside where the temperature is currently 28 degrees and I thought it was warm!

Story: Last Friday Kory and I were walking out to the car (still not decided on what we were going to do for our date night). I started complaining that I was so's dumb that people live here...etc.

At one point Kory actually called me dramatic because I said, "I have had goose bumps for EIGHT DAYS straight! At no point in the last eight days have I been warm."

Kory then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go get ice cream.

And he wonders why I am so dramatic.
Hmm... Maybe it's because right after I finish going on about how cold I have been (for the last eight days! Haha) he doesn't suggest we go pick up some hot chocolate. No, he suggests we get ICE CREAM!


Anonymous said...

My mom would tell you to "think warm thoughts." Try that! (and then put hot fudge on the ice cream!) love you both! Mom

Dallin & Ashley said...

hahahahaha i'm honestly laughing out loud at this, i miss you

The Durfee's said...

haha that is too funny! i know seriously it has been insanely cold! its so funny how if its not negative degree weather we think its nice and warn outside!!! hope you warm up!