Monday, October 12, 2009

A [] Update

Who had a birthday? Kory turned 25!! We celebrated 3 times; once with my family (Japanese food in Utah), once with his family (at his favorite steak house) and also with his friends (cake at our apt). Yes, he had to light his own candles but I did make the cake!

did we get to do in Park City? The Alpine coaster and Zip Line! It was so fun spending the day there with my family!

When did Kory start bragging about his hearing? Last week after he got a physical and the nurse and doctor were BOTH "amazed" by his hearing abilities. The gave him the test twice just to confirm because they have never seen anyone with such good hearing. The told him he can actually hear "zero." Whatever that means?!? My opinion on the matter...he has perfect selective hearing!

Where did we get drenched with rain? Oh just walking to General Conference. But we still enjoyed every second in the Conference Center on Sunday morning. President Eyring gave my favorite talk! Who gave yours?

Why is Halloween so popular in Idaho? My mom was telling me that a couple just moved into our home ward from Idaho and they were put in the activities committee. Their first activity is the Ward Halloween Party and they are SO excited to plan it. They have some big ideas. Seriously! I'm sorry, but I kind of like grew out of Halloween. (Anyone else...or am I just totally lame?) Unfortunately, I live in Idaho now so it has to become a part of me again. HELP! I have to dress up...ideas please!?? We're also in charge of a Halloween party game so if have any, let me know!

How did Kory's hunt go? Well he shot...TWO...trees. OK, but really cut him some slack because he was bow hunting so it is quite challenging. But rifle season is now open and he is also going to go out muzzle loader hunting later this season. I'll keep you posted...

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Amy said...

whoa. i am very impressed that kory has such great hearing.
also, i already gave my suggestion for your halloween costumes and it was shut down so...i don't know how else i can help you there. haha.