Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We've been gone...

And we are tired of traveling. [Unless someone is offering a trip to AZ!]
We have been to Salt Lake for less than 24 hours for Kory's mission buddy's wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful sealing!
Then we went to Boise for 2 days for Kory's cousin's farewell. He reported to the MTC this week. He is going to Texas!
After that we came home for a few days, but then had to drive BACK to Boise to fly to Seattle [annoying that flights out of Idaho Falls are ridiculously expensive] for our friends' wedding!
Tomorrow we are going back to Utah with some of Kory's family to go to Lagoon.
And finally, we will finish the month of August with a camping/rafting trip. Details and more pictures I'm sure will follow.
Are you tired yet???

Here are some pictures from our Seattle trip...
Space Needle, obviously.
Outside the Seattle Temple. Jordan, Ryan and Kory. High School friends.
*UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR!!! I had no idea Seattle had such horrible traffic...very easily worse than California!
Pike's Market

Duck tour! A duck is a vehicle that can drive on the road AND float in the water.
Sleepless in Seattle house. [the blue one]
A cool chandelier at a shopping center

And one story from the trip that I promised Kory I would write about on our blog...
*Background info: I usually pack Kory's suitcase before we leave on a trip. I always brag about what a good packer I am. I never forget anything, usually I remember things that aren't really even necessary [i.e. gum, a deck of cards, lint roller, etc.] Kory usually tries to stump me as we are traveling, asking if I have packed this or that...and I always have!
But I was humbled when I left my computer on the airplane when we landed in Seattle. Yes, I FORGOT something...not at home, but on the PLANE! Unfortunately I didn't remember until after we arrived at baggage claim so I had to get a special security pass, stand in the security line and walk back to our gate. Fortunately, I did get my computer back! Kory had a good laugh.


Stu and Angie Milne said...

wow so many trips! so fun though! i love the seattle pictures (and your too cute dress!) k i ALWAYS leave something on the plane.. but i usually remember before i pass security. i always freak out. how funny! come to az!!!

Amy said...

i love your dress too! super cute...where did you get it?! and i'm glad one of YOUR embarrassing moments made it on the blog instead of just kory's hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Amy and I think alike! I was going to say so CUTE dress too! ...and I love that you put in one of your funny stories! ...there's not too many wives that pack for their husbands-especially so completely. Good job! Can't wait to see you soon. Enjoy all the fun until then. love Mom

Alyssa and Tyler said...

Oh so fun! I am jealous of your Seattle trip. Everytime Tyler and I are in WA we want to go to Seattle, but it never works out. Oh well!
How did you like Lagoon? Tyler took me there yesterday for my birthday and I had such a blast!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You both look very happy. Funny story about your computer. I'm sure it will be told over and over again! We miss you. Love you both, Grandma and Grandpa Andreasen