Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It was Kory's Idea: 4th of July Edition

Kory and his brother, nephew, and brother-in-law thought it would be a great idea to spend the Fourth of July day up at the Targhee Ski Resort where they rode in a seven mile mountain bike race. I was a little worried since Kory hasn't been on his mountain bike like AT ALL lately, but he did great! It was a beautiful day, even with a little rain and mosquitoes. The scenery was gorgeous, even with SNOW still on the top of the Teton Mountains. Kory's dad took his camp grill up so we were able to BBQ after their race.
We watched fireworks that night from the field right next to our apartment with Ryan and Kayli! We had a fabulous Fourth.

Kory has come up with a few other interesting ideas lately that are entertaining enough to share...

Several weeks ago we were laying in bed and I could not get comfortable enough to fall asleep so I guess I was tossing and turning. Kory says, "Geez, you seemed tired earlier. I thought you would be sawing logs by now."

"SAWING LOGS? What does that mean?"

Seriously, have any of you ever heard of this expression? Well I definitely had not. Apparently it means you are in a deep sleep/breathing heavily...something like that.

Kory is not really a fan of especially cold foods, though he will eat them ocasionally. So we were eating popsicles the other night and Kory said, "I would like popscicles so much better if they weren't frozen!"

Hmmm?!?!...then you would be drinking juice, babe!

I don't even know how the topic came up, but for some reason we were talking about dog names. (No, we are not getting a dog anytime soon but Kory likes to dream. Depending on the day he will inform you that someday we will have anywhere from 8-11 dogs! HA, right!) Anyways, we were just coming up with a few and then Kory runs to get a piece of paper and decides that we should come up with a dog name for EVERY letter of the alphabet!!?! Yeah, so if you are ever in need of a dog name, give me a letter and we can help you out!

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Anonymous said...

Nice post Taralynn. We always enjoy seeing pics and hearing about the fun times you are having. The "sawing logs" expression is quite common, really. Sorry you were never taught it! Love you lots, Mom