Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Does anyone use Netflix? I've been thinking about signing up but I'd love to hear any "reviews" about it before I decide.
A few of my specific questions...They advertise having large selections, but is there ever an extra wait period for new releases (or anything else)? Have you ever had problems with the mailing system? Do they throw random unexpected charges at you or is their fee straightforward?
Thanks for any info and opinions!


sallysue said...

Well, I had netflix for at least a year.
The cheapest plan - five something foe two movies a month and two hours instant.
You can 'suspend' your subscription for up to six months, which I have done because of school. I guess I need to focus.
I never had any surprise charges. And there is a large selection of movies.
About new releases, I'm not sure because I never had them in my queue. When I returned a movie I'd usually have the next one witjin a week.

In short, it's pretty amazing. Just pick the plan you think you'll need and go. And if you ever need to change your plan, no problemo. ( I originally had the 8 plan and found I wasn't using it that much.)

And there are my five cents.


Your Favorite Cousin in NC

Tara said...

We do Netflix and absolutely LOVE it. We just do one movie at a time which usually means 2 a week. Plus if you have an XBOX or you can stream instantly on your tv which is really great for watching TV series.
There are no unexpected fees, but you do sometimes have to wait a little while for new releases but they always tell you if there is going to be a wait which is nice.

If cable wasn't included in our rent we would just get rid of it because netflix is all we really need.

I say go for it!

Amberlin Baxter said...

We have netflix and LOVE IT!!!!